Harmonious Symphony of the Eternal Waters
A Barcala, Spain
Cromatico Mural Festival

The mural invites us to live free, knowing that Water and Love make us flourish together with all forms of life.
A visual example of the cosmic symphony created in the unified field of love; the eternal spiral of frequencies that crystallizes states of Water, playing at being beings.
You are an “Eternal Crystal Walker”, free to soar through multidimensional consciousness.
Enjoy the journey of existing and a harmonious life, like a present diamond, reflecting crystal clear water.


We show that every being, through its vibration, is creating a harmonious Universal Symphony.
Being created by a unified field of frequencies and ether, the etheric ears of water, macro and micro, are always listening to our intentions.

As thinking humans, we are able to perceive a minuscule part of all the vibrational frequencies in which we are immersed. Invisible world of changing densities.

Through curiosity, mindful observation, visual references, and unconditional exploration, we open the door to deeper understanding and pacifying creation.

Every being is made of Water. Every emotion and thought is reflected in the Water.
Your life is a reflection of how you feel and think;
‘Everything that comes out of you, comes back to you’.

Since sound is vibration, the wall includes Qr codes to listen to frequencies that balance the body as they are proportional to the ‘vibratory music’ that composes you.

The piece is a way to understand Water as the conducting substance that reflects our vibratory state in a harmonious symphony. An invitation to become aware of the vibratory realms that create the illusion of matter.
Framing it, specific golden shapes designed by the science of biogeometry are used to create a harmonizer that emits life force from the mural.

Visitors can interact with the mural through QR codes attached to the wall and enjoy harmonizing sounds as they explore the piece.

Starting the mural from the left with a human form looking at the hardware where we project thought. A conscious eye can see the time travel device. Thought hardware used to perceive illusory separation instead of “conscious manifestation”.
The wall invites you to observe from another perspective, using the pineal gland (Eye of Horus) to see through the fractality of life.

The DNA of all beings is programmed by vibratory patterns that define life forms in the biosphere. From the smallest to the largest, everything is reflected in a holographic water screen.

The mural is based on the research of different scientists and ancestral knowledge.
For more information on these topics please visit the following links.

Eva Pascual – Hardware of thought and new holographic paradigm

Dr Karim Biogeometry – science to raise the vital force with forms proportional to life.

Dan Winter – Negentropy & implosion

Gerald Pollack – The Fourth Phase of Water

Jose Luis Parise – Conscious use of the Pineal Gland

Interactive mural was painted in collaboration with Eva Pascual and Radek Rudnicki aka Koshi Mzaki (Glitch Candies) for Cromatico Mural Festival with a great support from Monrana Colors and El Mundo del Pintor.

Photos where shooter by the amazing Laura Leon and her work colleague Jesus.

Mural was made with an incredible help of local people. Big thank you to Begoña Castro Löehmann, Julio Cesar Bracho Diaz, Cesar, Adriana and her friend Ashu, Veronica and Carlos.