Group Exhibition

“Femmes Vandales”


c/ Ferran Turné, 11, 08027 Barcelona, Spain

30th April – 5th June, 2022

Join us for the opening on the 30th of April at Nau Bostik. I’ll be presenting one of my painting along with an incredible group of female artists.  This exhibition, arriving for the first time in Barcelona, creates an artistic dialogue between two European capitals, featuring the proposals of 50 international female urban artists based in Hamburg and Barcelona. 

Besides the variety of formats, genres, styles and disciplines, all the featured artists share a common artistic background: their start as graffiti artists, signing the walls of the city, and later on, taking a leap towards experimentation and studio work.  

“FEMME VANDALES” through highlighting the great number and diversity of women colonising the walls of our cities, vindicates and promotes their inclusion in the programmes of festivals and galleries, which are still largely male-dominated.


Opening: Sat. April 30th, 18:00.
Live painting, live music, NFT corner.

Collective Exhibition Femme Vandales
Bubbles, Bona Berlin, B-Murals 
Place: Galería BMurals
Dates: from April 30th until June 5th of 2022
Open for visits – from 11:00 to 19:00 – Wednesday to Saturday






Solo Exhibition

“From Defragmentation to Unification”

Chez Xefo Gallery

C/Badajoz 46, Poblenou, 08005, Barcelona, Spain

22nd April – 8th May, 2022

On the 22.04.22 in the lovely venue of Chez Xefo Gallery in Poble Nou, Magda Ćwik is presenting the audience with a series of works called “From Defragmentation to Unification”, a show that wants to take the viewer through a meaningful experience during which she will share some of the “cathartic tools” that got inspired by her more recent meditation and scientific research.

With “The Mirror of Everything” she wants to engage in a conversation about our emotions, and the practical value that our feelings have in our lives. As vessels of energy, our emotions lead us through our lives. We can learn both from positive and negative ones, as long as we are ready to change ourselves, and reach higher states of consciousness through this constant life process.

Her vision is an invitation to switch off the mind and start to connect with ourselves and realise that we are all One. In her creations you will see reflected some of the contemporary theories about quantum physics, and with her “Eternity series” you will face her interpretation of how from wishes we can actually give life to new realities, using our intentions together with Emotions and our attention in an act of manifestation.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the role of Water as reflection and a relevant carrier of Love, and those who will be part of this event will figure out how and why. To complete the event, specially designed sounds by Radek Rudnicki from Glitch Candies will be available for the visitors to interact with, in order to have the experience with frequencies too.

Get ready to embrace another perspective about reality, and recognize that fragmentation of the selves is going to make space for the unity of ourselves in the face of a more harmonious world. You will be taken to a dream dimension by didgeridoo Master Evan Worldwind, Katarina Baliova and DJ Noblaze from Street Art Barcelona behind the decks.

Magda Ćwik, with Mellow Productions on board as well as Estrella Damm and Bioma Kombucha will take care of you during the opening, awaits you on the 22nd of April. 




Street Money Expo

Sakura Gallery

21 Rue du Bourg Tibourg, 75004, Paris, France

8th – 27th September, 2020

See you at the opening of the ‘Street Money’ group exhibition, where I’ll be exhibiting along with 127 other street artists at Sakura Gallery.

‘The United States of Mind’ and ‘Si, Je Suis Franc’ banknotes belong to installations which invite you to interact with 1$ and 500£ notes. You can play with them by scanning Time Traveler QR code to open a dimension that includes a soundtrack that gets you to the moon. ‘Si, Je Suis Franc’ contains a 3D message which can be revealed through 3D glasses attached to the installation.

As some elements are hidden in the 1$ note and painted at a very small scale, you can use a hand-made magnify glass to ‘get deeper down the rabbit hole’. Hidden messages based on sacred geometry codes and vortex math, that proves that good intention and presence are basic for living in peace. As everything is energy, and we’re selling our life force for money, it’s time to peer review of our perception of the value of time in our life.



Sakura Gallery



Book signing in Street Art City, France

Street Art City, Lurcy-Lévis, France

9th November, 2019

Catch me at the official Book Launch of the Hotel 128 in Street Art City, Lurcy-Lévis in France on the 9th November! I’ll be signing a book alongside with other artists!

For some of you, who haven’t seen the ‘Matinée, A Projection of Life’ art project click HERE

Street Art City



Painting in Łódź, Poland for Urban Forms

Łódź, Poland

September, 2019

Happy to announce, that I’ll be paining a mural in Łódź, Poland for the very first time in September this year. More details to come! Stay tuned! 

Urban Forms



Art Residency in Street Art City, France

Street Art City, Lurcy-Lévis, France

August, 2019

I’m over the moon to announce, that I’ll spent full month of August in France to create a unique experience in one of the rooms in an abandoned Hotel 128. Every year artists are involved in designing their imagined world from floor to ceiling through the walls, incorporating paintings.

Street Art City



‘La Voz de la Mujer’ Festival 

Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain

April, 2019

I’ll be taking part in 4th Edition of a Cultural Festival ‘La Voz de la Mujer’ in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain. I’ve been invited by Karmala Cultura to join an Art debate and create a mural, which would connect with the message of the Festival. This year’s theme will be ‘Gender Perspective’. Women from all around the world (Senegal, Germany, Korea, Poland, Spain, Morocco, Costa Rica, DR Congo, and many more) will join 7 days long Festival and participate in different workshops, films debates, art debates, etc..

La Voz de la Mujer



La Sagrerina Story in El Mundo Newspaper

Barcelona, Spain

January 10, 2019

Hey guys, I’d like to share a great news with you!

Today, the 10th January 2019 Sagrerina mural I painted in Nau Bostik was featured in El Mundo newspaper.

As written by Vanessa Graell;

“And in the Bostik they are writing the history of the neighbourhood itself, as in the symbolic La Sagrerina, a mural by the Polish artist Magda Cwik, who has reinterpreted an icon, the giant of the festivities, a young peasant woman who went every day to look for water at the fountain and there she met her beloved. “All walls can reflect stories and deliver messages. In La Sagrerina I have combined elements and symbols of the neighbourhood, ” says Cwik, who has embroidered the popular heroine in a band that reads Fet a la Sagrera, in addition to a mosaic of Vichy Catalan cups that refers to the water element. In fact, the colours of her work overflow the wall and fall to the floor, flooding it as if it were the water of the fountain. All in a lysergic explosion of pop abstraction, with a surreal touch.”




In 1923, the Bostik factory opened its doors in the fields surrounding Barcelona, in the textile area of Sant Andreu. This multi-national American from Massachusetts produced adhesives and glue until its closure in 2006. Abandoned for 10 years, the Bostik has become a cultural center self-managed Berlin aesthetic. It is one of those places with flow, of industrial spirit, that could be in Lisbon, Toronto or London, more than 6,000 square meters of alternative culture. Except that it resists in the zone zero of the Sagrera, challenging some works of the station of the AVE that nobody knows at all when they finished.

On the below photo: Ana Manaia and Xavier Ballaz from Difusor sitting at the Nau Bostik terrace. 

“Bostik is one of the most beautiful open spaces I’ve seen. As there were not many women, I painted the Sagrerina and the industrial past of the neighbourhood”

Magda Cwik. Autor of  ‘La Sagrerina’

You can check the video from live painting at Nau Bostik here.

Nau Bostik

El Mundo



I’ve joined iazzu group!

Worldwide, Planet Earth

October 12, 2018

Hey guys, I’d like to share an amazing news with you! Yesterday, the 12th October 2018 I have joined iazzu, an online gallery for art lovers. iazzu is the place where you can see and purchase some of my freshest paintings and read my latest interview.

Here are the three paintings I created recently.

Feather from the Father, 2018Acrylic on canvas, 97cm x 130cm

Once in a Blue Moon, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 120cm x 120cm

The other Side of the Moon, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 120cm x 120cm




Parallel Universes mural – behind the scenes.

Plaça Raquel Meller, Barcelona, Spain

April 20-25, 2018

Hey guys, here is my latest update on what I’ve been up to. I was working on a super cool project with a friend of mine, a renowned graffiti artist from Barcelona, Puke and my boyfriend Roman. ‘Parallel Universes’ is a 16.5m long wall created for Arnau Gallery (15th Edition), a street art project initiated by Antoine Careil.

Arnau Gallery is a project aiming to promote in a new way contemporary urban art in Barcelona, curated by Street Art Barcelona, which is also run by Antoine.

The wall was painted in front of the old Arnau Theatre built in the late nineteenth century by Andreu Audet Puig, a Catalan architect who specialised in construction of theatres and auditoriums such as the Apolo Theatre and Casino de la Rabassada. The theatre is located on Paral·lel Avenue and is the last “teatre de barraca” of Barcelona, a construction characteristic typical in the nineteenth century, based on temporary and fast construction. It remained active until the mid-nineties, when unfortunately, due to repeated economic problems, it became abandoned and derelict building.

‘Parallel Universes’ was one of the most interesting projects I have had fortune to work on, not only because of the subject but also because of the amazing Antoine who created his awesome street art project, back in 2016, to bring this abandoned space to life.

We started making a grid on Friday afternoon which allowed us to start painting the next day. It was almost 5 intense days full of planning, painting, nice chats and interactions with local people. We had the project printed out, all colour codes set up so we could gradually paint the wall and enjoy the event. Just some quick advice if you’re planning to use the Montana app for picking the cans, take into account, that the colours might be different when looking on screen. If I can be honest with you, I would just go to the shop and select the colours there. This way you won’t be surprised because some colours are few tones different. It’s a great app and I love it but just bear this in mind. 

The idea was to bring more attention to the Theatre, portrayed as a sleeping woman in the centre of the project. Her burgundy red hair are in fact a curtain releasing a dream scene. Mechanical cancan, a symbol of modernity, enter the stage in the spotlight. Soft feathers are falling down, sheared lines are passing through the wall, pendulum has stopped moving, maybe it’s a night or a day scene. All this gives the impression that time has ceased to exist for a moment. The apple in the man’s head plays an important role, a temptation, so often desired by many people, however the pierrot looking in opposite direction seems to be not interested in it.  

We used various techniques and combined spray paint, heavy medium, brush strokes, glossy varnish and spray caps to bring this wall to life.

I would once again like to thank Antoine and all my lovely friends who came by to say hello and to the many nice people who stopped by to watch us painting. Massive thanks to Montana Colors for supplying us with the paint and everyone involved with the project. Thanks to Antoine and Nicolas Corbel for nice shots.  

Massive thanks to MN_ice for the photos and great video!

You can check the vid here.


Live painting with Puke at Arnau Gallery.

Plaça Raquel Meller, Barcelona.

April 21-22, 2018

This weekend I’ll be live painting with a good friend of mine Fran Giménez aka Puke at Arnau Gallery located in front of the Arnau Theatre in the Raval district of Barcelona. This open-air street art gallery is dedicated to graffiti and urban art and it’s curated by Street Art Barcelona and Difusor which aims to promote contemporary urban art in Barcelona. One intervention is organised every last week-end of the month with original collaborations between national and international artist. It continue with a new exploration of urban art and enter April edition with a new collaboration between me and Fran. Fran Giménez began in 1988, experimenting with different disciplines in the art of graffiti with typographies, murals under the “PUKE” name. 

Arnau gallery is a project led by Antoine Careil from Street Art Barcelona who worked with great artists such as Btoy, CISCO KSL & KramEnric Sant & GR170, Cristian Blanxer & Sendys, El Pez & J.Loca, Peeta, Mohamed Lghacham & Emilio Cerezo, Sebastien Waknine & Sav45, KENOR, Spogo & Sixe Paredes, Miquel Wert & Ibie. 

We are waiting for you to enjoy that session on Saturday 21/04 from 11am. The project is organised by Street Art Barcelona with the support of Diffuser and our sponsors Montana Colors & Debasa.



Live painting at MeetingPoint Gallery.

Espai Txema Bio-Biult, Calle Montalegre 4, Barcelona.

February 23-25, 2018

Here is an update on an awesome project I worked on over the weekend. I was contacted by the guys over at MeetingPoint Gallery located next to the MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona in the heart of Raval and city centre during the week with a proposal to paint one of their outside walls. It was short notice but I jumped at the opportunity to be part of such a cool collective. 

MeetingPoint Gallery is a project led by Javi Sampol and Claudiu Savu, both young creators of CheckPointMusicArt who intend to involve citizenship in a meeting and exchange of healthy collective experiences, performing cultural artistic events on multiculturalism and emerging artists to have the capacity to work in all areas of creativity; painting, sculpture, music and design. The Gallery was born to expose upcycle crafts, exhibitions and workshops, learning platform where multiplicity of visions about different genres can be shared. It’s based on the realisation of sociocultural initiatives, with the participation of new artists from different disciplines and from many different countries around the world. 

I was able to get my outlines done on Friday evening as the sun was going down which prepared me for painting on Saturday and Sunday. 

The concept is to illustrate different emotions of people and portray their behaviours. As I’m interested in people attitudes, therefore I used different techniques to express various poses. I combined spray paint, brush strokes and heavy medium to express contrasting feelings or desires. In this piece of work, I was searching for a transition between clean graphic aesthetics and artistic expression.

It was a great experience getting to paint in Barcelona city centre. I challenged myself and painted totally freehand. It was busy but allowed me to interact with people passing by. The local people are lovely and a few of them seemed to be interested in what I was painting. The location and the space is absolutely amazing. BioBui(L)t – Espai Txema is one of the winning projects Pla de BUITs contest sponsored by the Council of Barcelona City in 2013.

I would once again like to thank MeetingPoint, Claudiu, Javi and Lisa for inviting me. Thanks to my partner Roman, Fran and all friends who supported me and came by to say hi.

mn_ice is working on a video at the moment which I will be posting soon. Stay tuned!


My Murals a Book, published by SendPoints:
“Spray on Walls: Urban Adventure of Graffiti Art

Hard copy of 224 pages

January, 2018


So exited to finally announce my participation in an amazing book project: ‘Spray on Walls, Urban Adventure of Graffiti Art’!
 My walls were featured along with great artists such as Low Bros, Dourone, Filipe Pantone, Sipros, Chor Boogie, Fanakapan, Muretz, 1010 and many more…

Massive thanks to @sendpoints for the invite!! It’s a good feeling to be part of such book.
Buy Book on Amazon


Cluster Illustration Exhibition:
East London Arts Pop-up.
Below One Fifteen, 115 Curtain Rd, Shoreditch, London, UK.
October 19-21, 2017

Opening Night:
Thursday 19th October 6pm – 9pm
Friday 20th & Saturday 21st 12pm – 7pm
I’m happy to share good news with you that I’ll be taking part in Cluster collective exhibition which will take place in Below One Fifteen art space, a collaboration project between Creative Debuts and Hamilton Court Developments. This is a special event for me because it will be my first group exhibition in London.

I was given complete creative freedom to choose what I want to exhibit, therefore you will be able to see one of my paintings called ‘Afterimage’ which portrays transformation of thoughts, visions and ideas, most often focusing on the importance of time and present emotions. As an addition, I’ll show one of my latest prints named ‘Upper Case’.

CLUSTER is a new East London arts pop-up shop showcasing an eclectic selection of creative talent. They support fresh and emerging designers & brands who are not afraid to be active, innovative and different. It is a platform for taking a unique approach towards exhibiting and experiencing the creative arts, bringing together a range of styles and imaginative individuals into an intimate collective setting. Previous Cluster pop-ups have celebrated Art and Fashion, Arts and Crafts. This time they bring you back to the highly anticipated pop-up for ILLUSTRATION.

Amnesty International Ireland at Electric Picnic Festival.
August 30-31, 2017
This Summer, I’ll be painting a mural for ’Repeal the 8th’ Campaign at Electric Picnic Festival, Co. Laois, Ireland, commissioned by Amnesty International.

I want to express a woman facing difficult times, which I hope we can overcome very soon TOGETHER.

Ireland’s abortion law violates the human rights of women and girls. The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution is the root cause of these violations. It must be repealed. Whoever you are, wherever you live, all the decisions you make about your body should be yours. Sexual and reproductive rights are human rights. They guarantee that everyone should be able to make their own decisions about their bodies, get accurate information about their health care options, and access sexual and reproductive health services.

Amnesty International Ireland
Electric Picnic Festival


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