The Portal is Open

Obert en Canal, Dia D Festival, Esparraguera​​​​​​​, Catalonia, Spain


The December Solstice 2020 was a key inspiration for 80m2 mural painted during Dia D festival organised by Obert en Canal.
Therefore, let’s go on a journey by a warm-hole, starting from forgiveness, we switch on a green light of our heart, the first portal. A center of acceleration towards an upgrade. This is an inner journey through a multidimensional DNA, while we’re getting closer to the 21st of December, releasing old patterns of fear and limited believes. Trip powered by an electromagnetic wind in our chests, movement of love expressing itself. 6 portals on both sides, 6 leap journeys through a dense reality, with a sense of trust, the curiosity of the unknown. You can choose to go through the portals or repeat the cycle again. Use the power of your mind to move across the colourful helix of your DNA towards pink portal in a negentropic pathway of higher emotions. The stars will lighten up you way. We can decide what emotion we want to connect with to feel the happiness.
We have the power in our hands to see life thriving though us, in an order of love. Joyful harmonics, a sense of connection and never-ending cycle of precious water. From dualism, defragmentation to ONENESS.  Find more -> Dan Winter ( 
Massive thanks to Obert en Canal crew, Lola Festival, Montana Colours , Eva Pascual – Love is Law (, Christopher Krux​​​​​​​ (video), Edo Garcia (photography), Eshabe (music), Ot and everyone who helped me during this project.