Electric Picnic Festival, Mindfield area, Co. Laois, Ireland


Commissioned by the Amnesty International Ireland.
Ireland’s abortion law violates the human rights of women and girls. The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution is the root cause of these violations.
‘Repeal the 8th’ mural focuses on a strong and conscious woman walking through the door. The transition is in the form of a digit 8. There is some concern on her face as she’s not happy with the situation, that someone else is making a decision about her body. Sexual and reproductive rights are human rights. They guarantee that everyone should be able to make their own decisions, get accurate information about their health care options, and access sexual and reproductive health services. Whoever you are, wherever you live, all the decisions you make about your body should be yours.
Amnesty International Irish Section is part of a greater organisation that has continued to grow since 1961. Their members around the world work on behalf of people whose rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are threatened. Amnesty International is effective because of its impartiality and accuracy and has, as a consequence, established a reputation as a credible source of information. This credibility is tied to its independence from all governments, political or religious factions and economic interests. To help eliminate suspicion of political motivation, Amnesty International neither seeks nor accepts any money from government to fund its campaigning work.