Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain


Project commissioned by Seat España.

‘Created In Barcelona’ Letters and ‘That Kiss’ were painted at the Primavera Sound Festival. I was approached by SEAT Sound to create set of artworks along with other artists during the festival. The idea behind first project was to transform ENERGY from passing by people on ‘Created In Barcelona’ 3D Letters and to make a CONNECTION which would be represented in a form of a FREQUENCY wave. Therefore, I used fluorescent spray-cans activated by a black light installed in the floor and made special laser gloves, and used them during the performance. When I was standing on my own beside the Letters, I was painting only with lasers and leaving temporary light effect on the Letters. After interaction with each person, I was using vivid spray paint to transform a unique wave which would represent the mood and ENERGY we created between each other. 

‘That Kiss’ was inspired by the ‘Arisen my Senses’ song by Björk. It focuses on All GENDERS EQUALITY and feelings created in Barcelona during a magical moment, when two people find themselves in a surrealistic form of an Ear and the MUSIC, NATURE and CHEMISTRY between them connect them in a passionate kiss.