B-Murals, Nau Bostik, La Sagrera, Barcelona, Spain


‘A Cycle of Recycle’ is an installation that was made from recycled materials: bottle/food caps, cables, old trampoline, mirror and other things found on the street. Children and adults who came to Maker Faire event helped to build up the installation by threading plastic caps on recycled cables. Together we created a pattern whose task was to raise awareness of the types of plastic.

There are 7 types of plastic highlighted by 7 colours visible in the Cycle. Only 2 types of plastic we buy are commonly recyclable. 5 types are not recyclable or only partly, depend on your local recycler. Understanding the different types of plastic can help us make more informed decisions related to our health and the environment.

Project was commissioned by B-Murals / Nau Bostik for Maker Faire event.