Magda Ćwik is a Polish painter, mural artist, art director, designer and video producer currently living in Barcelona. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Rzeszów, Poland, where she received the Master of Arts Degree.  

She is best known for her large-format murals and interactive projects that she created in several locations in Spain, Mexico, France, Poland, Portugal and Ireland.

She exhibited in: Paris/France, Hamburg/Germany, Dublin and Wicklow/Ireland, London/UK, Barcelona/Spain and Poland.

Magda worked with: Amnesty International Ireland, Primavera Sound / Seat Sound Spain, Urban Forms Poland, Kronos Festival Spain, National University of Engineering Lima, Peru, La Voz de la Mujer Festival La Palma, Arnau Gallery Barcelona, B-Murals, Pygmalion Dublin, Dublin City Council, Street Art Porto, Heineken Ireland and Texas Monthly.

Magda’s experimental and investigative desire is also taking her into the realms of installation, sculpture, performance, video (YouTube: aferhoursproject) and digital arts.

Magda Ćwik creates works that take the viewer to a different reality, immerse them in the space of subtle symbolism and encourage deeper observation of the surrounding reality. Due to the carefully selected composition, Magda’s works are characterized by a sense of balance, in which each element harmoniously fits into the space. The stories of her works are fleeting, intricately woven and decorated with a unique range of colors. Her works also focus on the topics of internal transformation, gender equality and environmental issues. The artist presents spirituality as an integral part of human existence, which is supported by new scientific discoveries. For this reason, electromagnetism, resonance and subtle energy play an important role in the painter’s work.

She started creating defragmented humans in 2015, until she understood that this is a creative journey from fragmentation to wholeness. From cartesian paradigm to unification.

Magda collaborated among others with Zainab Fasiki, Eva Pascual (, Kashink, Alex Serra, Stephen Mahoney, Kartina Rupit, Bubbles, Fran Gimenez, Evan Worldwind, and Space F!ght.

Her works among others have been featured in: Montana Colors, Brooklyn Street Art, Street Art 360, El Mundo, Send Points China, Street Art City France, Behance (19 times featured in official galleries) and Street Art Barcelona.

In her latest work, she combines art with biogeometry, biosignatures and sacred geometry to enhance the therapeutic function of art.

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Publications, Exhibitions, Features & Events

• Solo exhibition at Chez Xefo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, 22nd April
• Group exhibition at B-Murals, Femmes Vandales, Barcelona, Spain, 30th April – 5th June
• On auction at Tlen Gallery for Mam Marzenie Fundation, Warszawa, Poland, 8-22 April

• On auction at Yegorov Gallery, Kraków, Poland, 12th December
• On auction at Libra Auction House Poland,, 27th October
• On auction at Libra Auction House Poland,, 30th June
• Group exhibition at Espacio ERRE BCN, Colibre, 17th June
• Del Mur Al Llenç Vol 4 Barcelona, Group Exhibition, 27th June – 26th July
Bēhance, 19th time featured to an Official Photoshop Gallery, ‘MATINÉE, A Projection Of Life’
• On auction at, Poland
Bēhance,  18th time featured to an Official Street Art Gallery, ‘The Portal is Open’

• Article in Brooklyn Street Art, ‘Kissing Noses’
Els Graffitis del Poblenou, 12th August, Barcelona 
Bēhance, Official Street Art Gallery, ‘The Present – Kissing Noses’
Bēhance, Official Photoshop Gallery, ‘Created in Barcelona’ performance & ‘This Kiss’
• Street Money Group Show, Galerie Sakura, 8th September – 31st October, Paris, France
• Obert en Canal, Live painting, Esparreguera, Spain
• La Voz de la Mujer, Virtual Group Exhibition, La Palma, Spain
• Kronos Festival, Live painting, Barcelona, Spain
• Del Mur Al Llenç Vol 3, Virtual Group Exhibition, 4th June – 25th July
• World Beyond Borders, Interview
• In Response, Interview: Intriguing Internalizers
Bēhance, Official Street Art Gallery, ‘Vibraising – The Root’
The Root – Muralism & Spirituality, Article in Street Art Barcelona
Femmes Vandals – Female Street Art Show, Urbanshit Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
Bēhance, Official Street Art Gallery, ‘MATINÉE, A Projection Of Life’
• Article in Brooklyn Street Art, ‘Vibraising – Root Chakra’
Bēhance, Official Street Art Gallery, ‘A Cycle of Recycle’
I Support Street Art: 2019 Summary by Urban Forms Foundation

• Article in Montana Colors, THE IMAGINARIUM OF: MAGDA CWIK
• Street Art City, HOTEL 128 – 2019 edition, Book
Bēhance, Official Street Art Gallery, ‘Children and Fish Should Be Heard’ Mural
• Article in Brooklyn Street Art, ‘Children and Fish Should Be Heard’ Mural
• Article in I Support Street Art, ‘Children and Fish Should Be Heard’ Mural
Article in Urban Forms‘Children and Fish Should Be Heard’ Mural
• Children and Fish Should Be Heard’ Mural, TVP3 interview, Lodz, Poland
Article in Super Express Poland, ‘Children and Fish Should Be Heard’ Mural
• Art On Post Card Exhibition, Urban Contemporary Art Auction 2019, London, UK
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, Created in Barcelona, This Kiss | Seat Sound
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, US – Universal Sapiens
• Article in El Diario ESSanta Cruz de La Palma, Spain
• La Voz de la MujerInterview
• StreetArt 360, 25 Polish Street Artists you need to know about
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, The Cycle of Cleaning
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, La Sagrerina Mural
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, New Chapter Mural
I Support Street Art, Best Street Art of 2018
Article in El Mundo, Barcelona, Spain

• Live Painting, Nau Bostik, Barcelona, Spain
• Iazzu, Interview: Welcome on Board
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, Parallel Universes Mural
• I Support Street Art, Interview: Inspirational Abstractism
• MTN World, Artistic Dialogues at Arnau Gallery
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, MeetingPoint Gallery Mural
• Street Art Barcelona, April Edition, Parallel Universes Mural
• Live Painting, Arnau Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
• Group Exhibition & Live Painting, MeetingPoint Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
• SendPoints Publishing China, Spray on Walls Book

• Totally Dublin Magazine, Little Christmas Dream Illustration
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, Inside Out Mural
• Totally Dublin Magazine, Poster Boys and Girls
• Live Painting for Amnesty International Ireland, Co. Laois, Ireland
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, Tin Mural
• Cluster Exhibition, Below One Fifteen, London, UK
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, Parallel Minds Mural
• Bēhance, Official Illustration Gallery, Free Your Mind Mural

• Dublin Canvas, Colour in the City
• HeadStuff, Visual Arts

• WOSP Group Exhibition, The Back Loft Creative Hub, Dublin, Ireland

• Group Exhibition, Front Lounge, Dublin, Ireland

• Charity Exhibition, CFCP Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

• SHE, Group Exhibition, D-light Studios, Dublin, Ireland

• Solo Exhibition, The Downshire Gallery, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

• Solo Exhibition, Front Lounge, Dublin, Ireland

• Wystawieni Group Exhibition, Sanok Art Centre, Sanok, Poland

• Naleczow 2002 Group Exhibition, WSiZ Gallery, Rzeszow, Poland

• Naleczow 2002 Group Exhibition, Kotlownia Gallery, Jaroslaw, Poland

• Glass Group Exhibition, Krosno Artistic Centre, Krosno, Poland